The Island or Keys charter season runs from mid November to mid April. We leave from Lauderdale/Miami and cruise the Bimini Island group.

The Bahamas Islands are close to our coast and a wonderful getaway from cold weather. The island provide beautiful beaches for sunning, swimming, and snorkeling, plus great secluded white sandy beaches, palm trees, clear water, cool tropical drinks. There's lots of time for active sports or just reading and relaxing. If you would like to participate, the captain can provide sailing instruction, including technique, anchoring and navigation. This is the perfect place to gain valuable ocean and coastal sailing experience across the notorious Gulf Stream to coral reef islands. During the cruise you will troll for sport fish like tuna, dolphin fish, wahoo and mackerel, snorkel around coral reefs in warm clear water or just laze in the sun on the deck or on the beach.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an independent country of over 700 islands with the Bimini Chain of islands a mere 48 miles off Florida's coast. Immigration and customs requirements are informal, however you will need a passport, a birth certificate or voter's card to enter the country.

Suggested Itinerary

Seven Day Cruise (may start any day of the week)

Day One - Arrive at Marina and do the grocery shopping for food, beverages, ice and any lotions or toiletries. Board "Foot Loose" and head south to Miami to either cross the Gulf Stream or dock in Miami or Coconut Grove. Visit Bay Side shops and eateries and hear a live concert of international music.

Day Two - Sail from Miami and Cape Florida to the Bahamas Islands. Clear Bahamian Customs then relax for the evening and watch the finest sunsets in the south.

Day Three & Four - You are free to beach comb, snorkel, swim, rent mopeds or bikes, visit the many shops and straw market, go sightseeing to the other villages, the Earnest Hemmingway Museum, and the Bimini Bay Mansion with it's own mile long beach and breathtaking views of the Gulf Stream. Try the native dishes in a Bahamian restaurant or grill steaks or chicken ashore and eat aboard. After dinner dance to live Caribbean music either on the beach or in a local night spot.

Day Five - Set sail for the other small Islands. Try your luck at catching lobster and conches. (Don't worry, we can barter with the natives and trade a case of beer for lobsters if you're not successful). Stop at a real ship wreck and snorkel through open parts where many fish and rays live. Anchor in a secluded harbor, explore the beaches of an uninhabited island, then have a grand dinner and watch another sunset in paradise.

Day Six - Set sail for Ft. Lauderdale across the Gulf stream, clear US Customs around 6 PM, then return to the marina for dinner and your last night aboard "Foot Loose".

Day Seven - Have breakfast, gather all your shells and other souvenirs, and pack up. Tidy the yacht and finally head back to reality.

Note: Any of the above activities can be substituted with just reading a good book or lying on deck or on the beach and watching the world go by.

Foot Loose at Sail

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